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Monday, 25 October 2010

Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP), Japan

Fellowship program in Japan for Northeastern, Southeastern and South-Asian countries citizens

Study Subject: Asia in Dialogue -Visions and Actions for a Humane Society
Employer: Japan Foundation

Level: Graduate

Fellowship Description:n 1996, the International House of Japan and the Japan Foundation jointly launched the Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP).The ALFP seeks to create a close, personal and professional network of public intellectuals in Asia, deeply rooted in and committed to civil society beyond their own cultural, disciplinary and geopolitical backgrounds.

More than 60 percent of the world’s population lives in the region called Asia, where different social institutions, economic systems, cultures, religions and ethnicities co-exist. This rich diversity includes a wide variety of problems. There is violence against human life and dignity in the form of socio-economic disparity, environmental deterioration, and racial, religious and cultural conflicts.

Who is Eligible for ALFP?

The ALFP is open to citizens of Northeast-, Southeast- and South-Asian countries, aged 35 to 59, inclusive. A postgraduate degree is not a prerequisite, but applicants must have a good command of English and have demonstrated outstanding leadership ability or potential in their own professions.

There is no prescribed set of professions for an ALFP fellow; the professions of past fellows include, but are not limited to, academia, journalism, business, national and local politics, education, administration, the arts, publications, and NGO and non-profit activities. The ALFP is also eager to broaden the professional and disciplinary backgrounds of fellows. Regardless of his/her profession, a fellow is expected to have access to a wide audience in his/her country or region through publications, teaching, media, performance, etc. to disseminate his/her thoughts and findings.

Fellowship Application Deadline: 20 December 2010
Further Fellowship Information and Application

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