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Saturday, 2 August 2008

We will establish a university:MDP

The Main opposition MDP has said that they will be establishing the first university of Maldives when their government assumes duties from 11 November 2008. This was said by MDP's Parliamentary Leader Hassan Afeef when he spoke at a meeting held in honour of the visiting British conservative party member. Afeef said, there had been too much talk in presidential addresses and at the opening of the Majlis and now it is too late for President Gayoom's Government to seize this opportunity.

" Singapore attained independence with us. See the difference between our two countries. Singapore does not have that many resources., We are blessed with enormous marine resources, beautiful islands. But just see the vast difference between us. " comparing Singapore's dramatic development, Afeef said.

He questioned, what has the Government done with all the wealth it has earned. He agreed there is some development, but health services and living conditions should have been much better, Afeef said. When we are embracing change, everyone must think about this seriously, a change which has not happened in 30 years cannot be achieved in 5 years, Afeef warned. He asked the people to think carefully when they vote for a president.

Afeef went on to say Maldivian people are not benefiting from the wealth of the nation although the GDP is high and MDP will ensure the wealth of the nation is fairly distributed and people enjoy a better life under an MDP lead Government. He assured that they will provide imroved health and education in the country. MDP does not want people to remain destitutes and go to neighbouring countries for every major treatment.

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