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Thursday, 24 July 2008

College endorse Shaugy’s plans

Maldives College of Higher Education (MCHE) has endorsed the policies and concepts employed by Dr. Mahmoud Shaugy, former tourism minister, on establishing a national university.

Rector of MCHE Hassan Hameed when asked to comment on the recent views expressed by Dr. Shaugy on submitting a bill to the parliament to smooth pass the formation of the university said that Shaugy’s thinking and policies are good policies and that they at the meeting of the College Council had discussed the matter. He further said that Council was unanimous that the bill was sufficient and that no amendments were needed.

At the graduation ceremony held at Islamic Center in December 2005 President Gayoom had talked about forming a national university.

According to sources Abdulla Yamin during his tenure as Higher Education Minister has finalized all preparations on part of the ministry with regard to the national university. Sources say that the talks about the university somewhat lessened when Yamin resigned from the government.

Shaugy has said that the national university must be established as an independent organization similar to other such universities around the globe.

With the resignation of Dr. Shaugy from the cabinet earlier this month, President Gayoom has offered Dr. Shaugy the Vice Chancellorship of the national university to be formed. According to president’s office Shaugy has accepted the offer and the president have assigned him all responsibilities of establishing the university.

Shaugy in a previous interview given to Miadhu Daily has said the he was taking on the job as he considered the job to be a national service. He said it was not political move or intended to please anyone but it was rather part of his services to the nation as patriotic citizen.

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