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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Youths face the biggest challenge – Jameel

"I will revolutionize education system – Dr. Hassan"

Former Justice Minister Mr. Mohamed Jameel has said that youths of Maldives face the biggest challenge in our society today. He made the statement speaking at a meeting of the Maldives Reform Movement held yesterday night at Social Center. The meeting was held especially for young people.

Mr. Jameel addressing the audience said the reason why young men and women of our society are seen idling on the streets is due to lack of suitable policies. Mr. Jameel said if the youths of this nation are not made responsible people then there would be nobody else to work for the development of the nation as well as to bring reform to the country. Mr. Jameel said Maldives said was country which is openly engaged in the destruction of its youth and in this regard it is the number one in the world.

“We don’t have any confidence whether a young girl can go to a shop next door to buy something and return home safely, we are even afraid to send out our boys for even for 5 minutes, children who fail from school are children are considered to be of no use to the society” said Mr. Jameel.

Speaking at the meeting held yesterday night Dr. Hassan Saeed, former Attonery General as well a leading presidential hopeful, said that opportunities provided to the youths must be “open opportunities”. He said in a government led by him, major changes would be brought to the education system of the country. He said in a leadership of 30 years only 1300 scholarships were provided and in government led by him 1800 scholarships would be given out annually. He said work will be carried out to increase the quality and standard of teachers and instructors.

Some members of the audience also expressed their opinions and views at the meeting. They said it was time for a change in leadership and called on all youths to support their work to bring a young and capable leader to the country.

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