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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Youth Expedition visits Eydhafushi

Youth Ministry has revealed that the ongoing Youth Expedition has visited Baa Atoll Eydhafushi. Members of the expedition were warmly received by the people of the Eydhafushi.

Moahmed Fazeel Director of the Youth Ministry said members of the expedition met with officials of associations and clubs established in Eydhafushi and obtained information regarding their work. Members of the expedition also toured the islands.

According to Fazeel the expedition visited reached Eydhafushi after stopping at Ugoofar and Alifushi. He also said that a special presentation on Raa Atoll was shown to members of the expedition.

According to information received, Youth Ship will next visit Maalos of Baa Atoll. Youth Ship commenced its journey from Huraa in Male’ Atoll. The expedition from Huraa went on to Felidhe Atoll. The Youth Ship is now traveling to northern islands.

The youth expedition program is being held under this year’s theme “Youth on youth development” says Youth Ministry. Youth Ministry also revealed that objective of the expedition is to instill the spirit of cooperation and responsibility among the youths of Maldives by visiting various islands and experiencing Maldivian culture as well as sharing common experiences.

Youth Ministry also revealed that Youth Ship unlike last year will stop at 38 islands including capitals of atolls.

According to Youth Ministry the expedition will end its journey on the 1 of March this year. Youth expedition is expected to end its journey in Dhagethee of Ari Atoll where the official youth day celebrations will be held.

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