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Friday, 7 March 2008

Ministry to reveal successful candidates names next week

Ministry of Higher Education has revealed that they would be able reveal the names of the successful candidates selected for the loan scheme of the National Fund some time next week.

Director General of Ministry of Higher Education Employment and Social Security speaking to Miadhu Daily said that a total 555 people applied for loans under the Loan Scheme of the National Fund and that the ministry would be able to reveal the successful candidates.

Director General revealed that while the deadline to apply for 75 scholarships expired on the 26 of December last year 555 people have applied for loans under the loan scheme.

When choosing candidates for the loan scheme priority is given to main areas. The areas are students with excellent academic qualifications, those who get scholarships where the tuition fees are waived, students who are continuing their studies and vocational training.

The National Fund established to provide assistance to students seeking higher education will give priority to areas where government gives priority and for technical and vocational training.

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